Yacht Engines

  • MAN Engines V8-1000 / V8 1200 / V8 1300

    MAN V8-1000 / V8-1200 / V8-1300

    A whole fleet of MAN marine diesel engines is waiting for this command. The powerful common rail diesel engines from 730  hp to 1,800  hp impress with their extraordinary dynamics, their extreme running smoothness, economy and their trend-setting environm
  • MΑΝ Engines Engines V12-1400 /  V12 1550

    MAN Engines V12-1400 / V12 1550

    Yacht Engines manufactured by Man Engines are suitable for application to expensive yachts and sport fishing boats because of its features such as minimal fuel consumption for cost efficient performance yet providing users with a compact and high-speed di
  • MAN Engines i6-730 / i6-800

    MAN i6-730 / i6-800

    MAN Engines i6-730 / i6-800
  • MAN Engines V12-1650 /  V12 1800

    MAN V12-1650 / V12 1800

    The V12-1650 is the ideal engine for yacht owners who are looking to cruise in comfort and above all to cover longer distances overnight. The reason for this is its maximum torque of 5,520 Nm, which is available at speeds even as low as 1,200 rpm. This st
  • MAN Engines V12-1900

    MAN V12-1900

    Thanks to the performance enhancement that increased engine power to 1,397 kW (1,900 HP) at a weight of 2,365 kg (dry), the MAN V12-1900 sets standards in its class in terms of power-to-weight ratio.
  • MAN Engines V12-2000

    MAN V12-2000

    The MAN V12-2000 is the only twelve-cylinder V-engine with 2,000 hp (1,471 kW) to date, which generates that power from 24 litres of displacement.